What Are The Benefits Of Summer School?

What Are The Benefits Of Summer School?

For many students, the thought of summer school brings groans, complaints, and the occasional eye roll. It’s often perceived as a last resort, as opposed to a savvy opportunity to get ahead. What many don’t take into consideration are the benefits of summer school, and especially the benefits of virtual summer school. 

If you’re considering enrolling in summer classes, here are a few advantages that you may want to reflect on before making a decision.

5 Benefits Of Summer School 

1. Keeps Your Brain Sharp Year-Round

It can be extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things when August and September rolls around. Even by taking just one class over the summer, your brain doesn’t endure the fog that makes it so difficult to adjust to the beginning of every school year.

By steadily learning and challenging yourself throughout the summer, your critical thinking skills, creativity, focus, and work ethic will be at the top of its game come school time, giving you a jump start on many of your peers.

2. Allows You Time To Take A Credit Recovery Course

If you’re lagging behind in credits due to a failed course that may be necessary for graduation, what better time than summer to catch up? 

If it’s a class that you must pass to take advanced levels of a subject in the ensuing semesters, summer break is a great gap in the year where you can focus your attention on a subject you’re struggling in to stay on track.

Because you only have to worry about one class, it’s much easier to stay laser focused. You won’t feel the pressure of completing assignments and studying for five or six classes at a time, and can take the patience and energy to really understand a single course. 

Plus, since you’ve already taken the class before, the background knowledge and familiarity of the subject matter will make it much easier the second go-around.

3. Allows You Time To Get Ahead 

Even if you’re on track to graduate on time, jumping ahead on a course or two that you’ll have to take eventually can be a huge help in the long-run. This gives you the flexibility to graduate early if need be, or to take on a lighter course load when you’re extremely busy with extracurriculars or college applications in the future.

It’s a common misconception that summer school takes all summer long. There are virtual summer schools that offer courses that can be completed in as quickly as 20 days. Additionally, virtual summer school allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be located for the summer.

If you’re a go-getter wanting to take on more responsibility now so you can worry about other things later, this may be a great reason to enroll.

4.  Presents An Opportunity To Explore Your Interests

Grade school requires every student take certain mandatory courses, but when should a student take the time to figure out the courses they’re truly interested in? 

If you’re someone who isn’t extremely passionate about school, or doesn’t feel drawn to a certain subject, virtual summer school is a great opportunity to dig into potential interests. Try a course that you typically wouldn’t! Take an elective that sounds fun and take the time to self-reflect and discover what you may want to do post graduation.

5. Proves Your Drive To Others

Not only will your parents or guardians be impressed by your initiative, but your teachers and mentors will be too. Since only a fraction of students take summer school courses, it will differentiate you from your peers and show that you are a driven student taking school seriously on your own merit, especially when done voluntarily. 

If you choose to enroll in summer school — especially multiple summers in a row — this is also a resume builder, as well as something you can mention in an interview, discuss in a college essay, or put on your college application. Admissions staff will be impressed by your consistent will to learn and grow. 

Discover The Benefits Of Summer School At K12 Private Academy 

If you’re in grades 9-12 looking to take a summer course online regardless of your location, K12 Private Academy offers a diverse selection of interesting, rigorous courses including world languages and electives that will keep you on track or propel your education forward.

For online students eager to begin your term early, we also offer flexible scheduling in which you can begin your full-length term during the summer months. 

To learn more about K12 Private Academy's Summer School courses, call 866.529.0167 or visit www.k12courses.com/summer-school.html.

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